The Zen of Tealish¶

Readability is more important than writeability.
Code is for both machines and humans.
Explicit is better than implicit.
Except when it comes to stacks.
Static is better than dynamic.
Verbose is better than terse,
Except when it's not.
Ambiguity must be avoided.
Pragmatism always beats purity.
Surprises are for birthdays.
Boring is good.
Magic is best left to wizards.
Freedom of implementation is important,
But freedom of code style is not.
Optimization of resources is important,
But rarely more important than readability.
The best code is often the code that doesn't exist.
But the bug is also often the code that doesn't exist.
Embrace the uniqueness of the AVM.

Inspired by PEP-20 - The Zen of Python.